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Our Story

At the helm is a young and vibrant team that works together on problems, where everyone's expression finds a way in the solution crafted. This leads to freshness of approach, self-belief and assurance and creative solution to all problems. The team is diversified - some are excellent visualizers, graphic designers, print specialists, digitized animation specialists, content specialists, e-learning designers, and business communications specialists to software developers, coders, database administrators who come together to solve complicated business problems.

The DataPings story started in 2003, when it started out as a proprietorship firm, under Banibrata Banerjee. The company started out as a web design/development company and eventually branched out as a specialized web applications' firm. DataPings became a private limited company in 2005, and aggressively started operations pan-India. From doing customized ERP application for the Forest Department of Odisha in 2007-08 to developing the HRMIS for the Apollo International Limited, Gurgaon, to extending that same application customized for UFO Moviez, Mumbai and venturing into designing applications for the logistics business for Apollo LogiSolutions Limited in Panvel. The DataPings team was joined by Shibani Chattopadhyay in 2008, who brought her communications and content specialization skills to add new business avenues and areas for DataPings.

From the web/desktop applications to SAS applications, to developing AVs for valued clients, DataPings has grown from strength. Adding new business areas, adapting 'newer' technologies to ensure maximum ROI for clients to leveraging technology for doing better business, DataPings has slowly evolved into a trusted technology partner for diverse clients and diversified businesses.